follow the methodical path from monolith to microservices
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Migration to microservices saves money.
Today we know not to migrate an entire monolithic server. Instead, we can focus on the 5% to 15% with the highest ROI.
We will focus on areas that have periodic loads, low stability, or frequent updates.
We will not be focusing on stable libraries that operate legacy code, or elaborate business logic.

The first step is to go over the existing monolith and identify candidates. We do this by using two main methods. The first is manual design review to select good candidates. The second is using an automated tool that maps hot spots.
Cost Estimation

There are many parameters that influence the cost of rewriting software. For example: effort of writing the new code, effort of testing the new code, efforts for validating system integrity, the risk of losing undocumented logic, and more. We need to evaluate all these factors and cross-reference with the product of the previous analysis, to get a task list sorted by ROI.  

We can help you implement some or all of the code, or we can assume full responsibility over the conversion process. If you already have a DevOps team and software developers assigned to do the work, we can help by supporting your team during this process.
About Shelly Tech
Shelly Tech is a privately held company providing advanced technology solutions since year 2000.
Under the leadership of Asaf Shelly, the company provided solutions in areas such as: Embedded software, Text Analysis, Image Detection, Windows Drivers, Web UI, SOA and Microservices, Advanced communications, automated code generation, distributed, and more.
We have great experience in multi-system architecture.
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