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Kernel driver for airborne
Algorithm optimization. From
1 month to scan email inbox,
into 1 hour
Automated testing system for
multiple airborne devices
tested in oven
Video streaming and
management system for pilot
TV shows
Video capture driver within
two weeks, for installation on
all Lenovo laptops
Full-stack refracturing of
devices and apps into medical
grade + optimization
Microservices, UI. Management
of taste compositions by parsing
formulas from excel file
Text-to-speech from matlab
prototype to product in 3
Image, text, audio,
video, data
Introducing tech,
deep technology,
connect startups
Threat analysis, kernel
drivers, IoT, deep
Solving complicated
bugs, optimizing
IoT architecture,
device, gateway, cloud
Industry 4.0
Digital Transformation
process analysis,
IoT productization
Value Proposition
Lean team of innovators for hire with background in both business and tech
You should call us:
Innovation If you see the graphs going down and traditional strategies no longer work
Rescue If you have a technical problem that won’t go away, such as an illusive bug
Optimization If your product or algorithm has performance issues
IoT If you need to figure out the design of a complex system that combines devices and microservices
Deep Tech If you need to solve a technical problem that requires a unique algorithm